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Nursing Home with Professional and Loving Care

The Ideal Nursing Home with Reliable & Caring Staff within Petaling Jaya

Radiating a welcoming, calm and tranquil atmosphere throughout its lush green setting, My Aged Care is the next best place to call home. Equipped with cozy private bedrooms and private baths, the environment of My Aged Care exudes an uplifting and warm feeling throughout the facility. Open, airy lounge areas invite residents to interact and socialize with one another, while cozy seating corners provide ample opportunity to simply enjoy private moments, relax, or spend time in quiet thought.

A professionally landscaped garden further adds to the sense of beauty and serenity. Take a stroll down the lawn, rest under the patio or spend a delightful evening in the garden with friends or family. The choice is yours.

Our History

Founded in 2008, our goal has always been to provide professional medical care for our residents. Our goal is to further expand our facilities and services to ensure we are capable of managing the imminent explosive growth of aging population within the next few decades.

The people behind My Aged Care

Lisa Nadia Tan

General Manager

Lisa has a wealth of experience working with 5 star hotels and resorts to create a memorable experience for the visitors. Her passion is to ensure professional, quality care for our dear residence as well as look after their wellbeing.

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Goh Kim Shearn

Marketing Manager

Kim Shearn has experience working in medical facilities and have great passion in elderly care. He is keen to further his studies in elderly management to better serve the industry.

Maureen Arasu

Nursing Manager

With over 35 years of service in government hospitals, she is currently the person in charge of all medical matters in our homes.

Maureen has also served as a nursing lecturer from public university.

As such, she is well versed in both theoretical and practical aspects of nursing.

Hor Chee Pun

Branch Manager (Ipoh)

Mdm. Hor has over 30 years of experience in various hospital. Being a native of Ipoh, Mdm. Hor is currently leading our Ipoh branch to provide excellent care for our residents.

Norshafizatul Arrifah Bt. Ismail

Head Physiotherapist

Ms Arrifah leads the physiotherapy team and ensures all our resident receive the proper therapy they need based on their physical and medical needs. Ms. Arrifah has assisted us in creating programs and events to break up the monotony and help them achieve the best Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

Nurul Izzati Bt. Mohd Zaki


Izzati is a fellow physiotherapist with plenty of patience and understand and have cultivated rapport with our dear residents.

My Aged Care’s team of passionate staff

We are a nimble team of staff with clear roles and responsibilities. Led by a team of medical senior management with over 70 years of combined medical experience, our priority is to provide a safe and caring environment for your loved ones.

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Our staff is trained to take care of the elderly!

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