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An Ideal Nursing Home with Reliable & Caring Staff in Petaling Jaya

Radiating a welcoming, tranquil atmosphere within its lush, green setting, My Aged Care is the next best place to call home. Equipped with cozy, private bedrooms and bathrooms, the environment of My Aged Care promotes warm, uplifting feelings throughout the facility. Airy lounge areas invite residents to interact and socialize with one another, while seating corners provide ample opportunity to enjoy relaxing moments or spend time in quiet thought.

A professionally landscaped garden further adds to the sense of beauty and serenity. Take a stroll down the lawn, rest under the patio or spend a delightful evening in the garden with friends or family. The choice is yours.

Our History

Founded in 2008, our goal has always been to provide professional medical care for our residents. Our goal is to further expand our facilities and services to ensure we are capable of managing the imminent explosive growth of aging population within the next few decades.

The people behind My Aged Care

Lisa Nadia Tan

MBA Marketing, USQ Australia.
Certified International Marine Seafarer in Crisis Mgt
Certified International Yoga Instructor

General Manager

Ms. Lisa has more than 20 years of experience in the Service Hospitality Industry. She has a wealth of leadership experience in managing 5-Star hotels and resorts. She is responsible for the overall performance, functionality, service quality & deliverables for our Resort Homes. Ms. Lisa values quality life with a balanced lifestyle and demands high standards in work to achieve positive results. She is passionate about Rehab & Recovery, ensures our residents receive quality care & looks after the wellbeing of all.

Maureen Arasu

BSC Medical & Health Science
Masters in Education & Discipline Management

Nursing Manager

Matron Maureen has over 35 years of service experience in both government & private healthcare. She has diverse, hands-on technical knowledge in Nursing Care, Psychiatry, Orthopaedics, A&E, Medical & Surgical Wards, Ophthalmology & OT. Matron Maureen is also an experienced nursing lecturer of public & private colleges & universities. She is currently the head of our Nursing & Admin dept.

Hor Chee Pun

BSC Nursing & Occupational Health Nurse

Branch Manager (Ipoh)

Sr. Hor is a State Registered Nurse trained in the UK and Occupational Health Nurse (NIOSH). Sr. Hor has more than 20 years of experience in hospital management, cardiology, endoscopy & nursing care. Sr. Hor is highly experienced in managing infectious diseases & pandemics.  She also specializes in Geriatric Care and stays updated on Gerontology Care, Dementia & Parkinson’s.

Reta Lucy

 Diploma Computer Science, Stamford, UK

Retail & Finance Manager

Ms. Reta has more than 20 years of experience in Customer Service, Accounting & Finance. She heads the Finance & Purchasing department, ensuring all items and medical equipment purchased are of the best quality for our residents and staff. Ms. Reta has a vibrant personality, and likes hiking, dancing and working with the elderly.

Alfian Bin Mohamad August

Diploma in Business Management 

Head of Kitchen

Chef Rayyan has more than 15 years of culinary experience from 5-star resorts, hotels & restaurants. Our resident Chef has served guests from all over the world! His love for food made him explore & experiment with new recipes, making meals healthier and more flavorful.

Salma Batti

Pastry Chef

Our newest addition as in-house Pastry Chef, Ms. Salma serves up smiles with her pastries and treats. With experience as a supervisor in her homeland of Pakistan, she ventured into the culinary arts and earned the #1 spot in a food festival competition featured on the Masala Channel.

Danny Ng

 BSC (Hons) Physiotherapy, WSIZ University, Poland.

Ipoh Branch Physiotherapy

Mr. Danny specializes in physio rehabilitation. He has diverse experience in managing patients and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, sports injuries, geriatric rehabilitation, stroke, neurological disorders, rehab, and pre & post orthopedic rehab. Mr. Danny has also conducted physio workshops both locally and internationally.

Ming Hang

Physiotherapy, PJ Branches

Ming Hang is a physiotherapist with knowledge on muscle movement, and experience in sports massage and recovery. His main area of focus is helping patients and residents recover from bodily conditions. Ming Hang enjoys gym workouts and weekend jogs, finding himself becoming more energetic and confident after doing so!

My Aged Care’s team of passionate staff

We are a nimble team of staff with clear roles and responsibilities. Led by a team of medical senior management with over 70 years of combined medical experience, our priority is to provide a safe and caring environment for your loved ones.

Looking For Quality Nursing Care with Designed Rehab Programmes in PJ

Our staff is trained to take care of the elderly!

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