Rehabilitation Recovery

My Aged Care’s rehabilitation recovery program is focused on helping you recover, maintain or improve your active daily living capabilities.

With a team of professional physiotherapist, we can provide an effective and goal oriented approach for geriatric rehabilitation, post operation rehabilitation and post stroke rehabilitation.

Post-Operation Rehabilitation Programme

My Aged Care is able to cater to numerous different kinds of after surgery care and create customized plans to maximise our residents’ recovery chances

Post Stroke Rehabilitation Programme

The primary goals of Post Stroke Rehabilitation is to promote maximum patient recovery. Main focus includes strengthening of muscle groups, motor re-learning and retraining balances.

Geriatric Physical Therapy

After a bout of hospitalization, 11% of the elderly patients are referred to a rehabilitation centre. Geriatric rehabilitation’s goals is to restore function or enhance remaining functions. Rehab for the elderly

With each package, residents will be entitled to:

  • 24 hour care service headed by Nursing Manager
  • Wound care by qualified nurses
  • Medication Management
  • Ryle’s tube care / Catheter care
  • Cryotherapy (Pain Management)
  • Physiotherapy by experienced physiotherapist
  • Five home-cooked meals
  • Private single rooms

Looking For Quality Nursing Care with Designed Rehab Programmes in PJ

Our staff is trained to take care of the elderly!

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